Certified RV Inspector Ernie Perron

About the Inspector

RV Inspector

Ernie Perron’s Certifications

Ernie Perron, our owner/operator, spends the majority of his time exploring new areas in his RV. He loves the freedom of the RV lifestyle and loves the RV community. His mechanical aptitude makes him the perfect person to inspect your new RV. His fun-natured personality will make working with him fun yet professional.

Registered RV Service Technician – RV Technician Association of America (RVTAA)  #862

Certified RV Inspector National RV Inspector Association (NRVIA) #3170

Adheres to all of NRVIA’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics

Member of NRVIA and RVTAA

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National RV Inspectors Association NRVIA Logo
RVTAA RV Technician Association of America Logo
Sandy Perron

Sandy Perron’s Qualifications

Sandy retired from Sub Zero, Wolf, Cove Inc. as a Manufacturing Engineer. A strong attribute in her professional career was her impeccable eye for detail. As any woman, Sandy wants the inside of her RV to be flawless. Working with Ernie her passion will be to ensure that the interior gets no less attention than any other area of the RV.

RV Types We Inspect

A Closer Look RV Inspections & Services inspects any type of RV

The most frequently inspected RVs include:

Class A

Class B

Class C

5th Wheel

Travel Trailers

RV Industry Tools

A Closer Look RV knows that the best way to inspect your RV requires the usage of some industry tools. Therefore, they have the following in their toolkits:

Gas Leak Detector

Checking for gas leaks is one of the most vital parts of inspecting an RV. We use a manometer to ensure there are no leaks present.

360 Degree Camera

We want you to see everything around you, the 360-degree camera we use is a great tool for this! It is also a great option for buyers who may be buying their RV from out of state and didn’t get an opportunity to see it firsthand.

Snake/Scope Camera

The Snake/Scope camera allows us to see in areas that are not otherwise easily accessible to view! This can help us troubleshoot or diagnose any potential problem areas.

Hot Skin Tester

This determines if there are any shorts within the circuit identifying life safety conditions.


We can measure resistance, amperage, and voltage with multimeter on the various electrical components throughout the RV.

Moisture Meter

We can measure moisture within the walls and ceiling structure to identify possible water intrusion which may result in black mold and other potential damage to your RV.

Ernie and Sandy’s Background

In the Air Force, Ernie worked in aircraft maintenance, so he is very hands-on and mechanically inclined. Throughout his Air Force career, he developed a great work ethic and integrity, which he has carried throughout his life.

Ernie and his wife, Sandy, started RVing four years ago and love the RV lifestyle. They have met a lot of great people and thought it would be great to help others with the purchase of their RVs. While traveling they take the opportunity to get hands-on experience on learning about different types of RVs and whenever they get the chance, they enjoy checking out other RV interiors and exteriors.

The Perron’s had a great experience with their own inspector and decided to open an RV inspection company because with the knowledge they received they wanted to pay-it-forward and help other RVers know what they are purchasing.

"Mascot Echo"

Echo’s Background

"Mascot Echo"





Echo is a 3 year old Red Merle Minnie Australian Sheperd who loves to travel with his owners making new friends across the country and flirting with everyone he meets with his beautiful blue eyes.

Spare Time with the Perrons

When they are not helping their fellow RVers, they love to hike, bike, kayak, spend time with their family and friends and visit their 12 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild who are scattered across the country. Their favorite campgrounds are National Parks, COE’s (Army Corp of Engineering) locations and Harvest Host locations. They also love spending time with their fur baby, Echo.